Julia Salazar grew up in a house with a maid, brother reveals

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Julia Salazar grew up in a house with a maid, brother reveals:

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Avowed socialist Julia Salazar grew up in a succession of sprawling waterfront homes enjoying all the trappings of middle-class life, from boats and luxury cars to pedigree pets and private school, DailyMail.com can reveal.The 27-year-old Democratic candidate for the New York Senate has come unstuck in recent days after she was outed as a former Republican and accused of faking her hardscrabble immigrant backstory.Now, DailyMail.com can reveal the extent of her deception with a series of images documenting Salazar's privileged upbringing in the upmarket Florida enclave of Jupiter, where her family built their own four-bedroom home, owned boats, a jet ski and rubbed shoulders with celebrities.It can also be revealed for the first time that Salazar's Colombian father, a commercial and cargo pilot who became a naturalized US citizen years before she was born, flew US troops into the Vietnam War and the First Gulf War.Luis Hernan Salazar, who died from prostate cancer in 2009, also transported rocket parts for NASA and met the space agency's legendary aerospace scientist Wernher von Braun as well as Ronald Reagan before he became US President. 'My father came here in his teens and he made a great success of his life. We did not struggle at all. His achievements should be celebrated,' Salazar's brother Alex, 29, told DailyMail.com.'Instead I have to sit here and listen to lies about who he was and who we are. And we are not just talking about airbrushing, we are talking outright lies.'Salazar shot to prominence on the coattails of fellow socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who upset Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for New York's 14th congressional district.But Salazar's campaign to snatch the 18th Senate District seat from Martin Dilan in September started to unravel when family members contradicted her claims about growing up among poor, working class immigrants.The left-wing candidate initially stated she was born in Colombia before backpedaling and conceding her birthplace was Miami, blaming the 'error' on a campaign staffer.But she continues to assert that she was born into a 'working class' family, was raised by a single parent and had to get a job at 14 to make ends meet.DailyMail.com can reveal Salazar's father and mother Christine – born and raised in New Jersey - lived in a luxurious five-bedroom home in the Palmetto Bay neighborhood of Miami when their daughter was born in December 1990.They had a pool, a maid and a comfortable suburban lifestyle but decided to move because of the high crime rate in Miami, according to Alex. 'It was a nice neighborhood but my parents didn't think it was a good place to bring up kids,' he said.'My father dreamed of a nice big house on the water and he spent a lot of time thinking exactly what it would look like.'That property turned out to be a three-bed property on the banks of the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter, complete with a pool and dock where they kept several boats and a Yamaha jet ski big enou
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