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Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon has a message for those called her “unqualified” to be governor.
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“It’s time for women to speak up, for people who’ve been outside the government to speak up.” She explained. “We need to not just rely on out career politicians because, by and large, especially in New York State, the influence of big money has bought so many of them up. We need an outsider voice who will fight for change.”

Nixon is one of at least 80 women in the running to be a candidate for governor this year. She started her political trajectory as a concerned mom, which is what lead her to start fighting for city budget cuts and public-school systems. She then went on to be an active advocate for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, LGBTQ+ rights, and women’s rights.

New York as had 56 male governors and is one of 22 states that has never elected a woman governor.

“I think that female voices have been so diminished by our political process. And we have some really amazing, brave women in the Senate, in the Congress, and as governors. And I think it is really important, certainly in terms of family rights, children’s rights to have women in elected office.”

New York’s closed primary election is September 13.

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