EATING AT TAIWAN 7-ELEVEN! 10 Convenience Store Foods You’ll LOVE

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7-ELEVEN TAIWAN has some of the best convenience store foods to try! Let's eat, shall we? Become a cutea:

YOU KNOW I had to bring y'all to 7-ELEVEN in Taipei, Taiwan. 7 eleven in Asia is on a whole other level with their food variety. For me, I go to 7-eleven about 7-10 times a week. I eat there, pay my bills there, get coffee there, buy train tickets, refill my metro card...I mean the list goes on.

Having grown up in both Taiwan and the States, the importance of 7-Eleven is VERY different. Here in Taiwan, the convenience store is a day-to-day visit for us. We have 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Hi-Life as the main ones. You can find it almost every 2-3 blocks. So you KNOW the food options are going to be AMAZING.

7-Eleven convenience store foods to try include:

1. TEA EGGS - marinated eggs
2. BUNS - fluffy buns with pork filling. Sometimes they have plain baos!
3. HOTPOT FOODS - instant hotpot items boiled for your consumption
4. BENTO - curry, mapo tofu, chicken fillet, dumplings bento boxes...I mean the microwave foods are things you'd want to order at a Chinese restuarant
5. COLD NOODLES - this is a personal fave of mine! Cold noodles with sesame paste
6. ONIGIRI - definitely a Japanese food but Taiwan is heavily influenced by Japan so yup - we love these! Rice with different fillings from pork floss to tuna to chicken, etc.
7. TAIWANESE SNACKS - yooooo...Taiwanese snacks are crispy, sweet, spicy, and just darn delicious. Buy a ton and do a Taiwanese snack taste test!
8. RAMEN - if you can eat meat, get the Taiwanese beef noodle ramen. They have actual beef chunks in it - amazing.
9. ASIAN BREAD - pineapple bun, chocolate bread, cheese loafs, etc. etc.
10. DRINKS - tea on tea on TEA! Milk tea, oolong tea, get your tea on.

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Like this video? Please help give it a thumbs up, comment, and share with a friend! Your extra love helps keep this channel going. Thank you dearly.

Sometimes I make mistakes referring to foods. If so, kindly mention it. I'm not an expert but I do love sharing food with you!

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