Vore Belly Digesting

Post-Vore Child Digestion // Stereoscoptic Microphone //

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Big Belly Digesting

Something or someone is trying to give my stomach a hard time digesting...but there is no escape from my belly.

Big Belly Growls - Digesting/Hungry

My lower belly is swollen and gurgling from my first victim, I mean meal, as my stomach growls for oh so many more...Who wants to fill my belly?

Full Teriyaki Belly Digesting

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, Tempura, California Roll, Snapple, and water digesting in my stomach.

The Apartment - digesting after vore | 1080p


Samus Digesting A Big Meal

What's in her belly? You decide. :)

Belly Gurgles Digestion ASMR

As requested. Whether you want to close your eyes and imagine you're inside my belly or you're looking for relaxing ASMR digestion sounds to help you study ...

{Fiction} Digesting For 30

This woman found herself pretty hungry before diving in the pool, so she gobbled up the best thing she could find. Her kids kept running off, so she ate them to ...

Noisy Vore Belly

You sure are noisy in there…I can feel you wriggling and squirming around but you're no match for my powerful belly.

*VORE* Digesting my prey with belly play 😋

sorry for not uploading in a while but i'm back after eating some tiny person i found I wish someone could rub my belly while I rest 🤤 no hate pls.

vore belly digestion chrush2

This woman is so hungry. do not go so close to the screen !! You can still see the viedeo. Then you were lucky and she had another eaten. She has an incredible ...

(Fiction) Samantha Strikes Again

Note: This story is fake. If you are offended by this content, then do not watch ne time Samantha was at a vore convention, where she was greeted by many fans.

Digesting //HMDVore//

I made this video a while back for another account and I've decided to move it to this one since the other account is no longer active. // Original description below ...

Sexy Vore Queen 9: Digestion and Relaxation!

This time our big sexy vore queen has nommed a record meal and has gone to her quarters to digest it! After an hour or two she calls us in to show a bit of the ...

{Fiction} Digesting Prey

This hungry woman found a delicious meal, but it takes a while to digest. Her friend started recording her and her digesting meal. What's in there? You decide!

Digesting My Followers - Vore Video with Digestion Noises! Preview Clip

You've been begging me for YEARS to eat you, you've told me in no uncertain terms that you want to get inside my belly; to be swallowed down whole and ...

Digesting Nine Fans

Sounds like you guys moved down pretty fast.

Stuffed Belly Digesting

This girl ate way too many brownies and now her belly is stuffed! It seems that her stomach is really having a workout digesting those brownies. (Again this video ...

vore you and incredible digestion

the video is from the channel "Inflated Bomb" There is a completely different version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6GNX74skM0.

Digesting an Ex (VORE)

Mmmm the best way to break up. Listen to her scream Kik - thefatbelly19; Snapchat - fatbelly19; Tumblr - fatbelly19.

Big Vore Belly

This woman is relaxing after a big meal. Her prey has settled down in her hungry belly, but her stomach is still hard at work digesting. Listen as her belly churns ...

Belly Roll Vore

This woman likes to play around with her prey while it's digesting in her belly! Here, she rolls it around inside her stomach while her belly bubbles and gurgles.

(Vore) Digesting stuggling victim

This time, creepy fan finds out where I live by the small address prints on the envelopes by the nightstand. She told me that she loved me since my first video.