Vore Belly Digesting

The Apartment - digesting after vore | 1080p


Digesting Nine Fans

Sounds like you guys moved down pretty fast.

Big Belly Digesting

Something or someone is trying to give my stomach a hard time digesting...but there is no escape from my belly.

Big Belly Growls - Digesting/Hungry

My lower belly is swollen and gurgling from my first victim, I mean meal, as my stomach growls for oh so many more...Who wants to fill my belly?

Digesting YOU (VORE)

I'm back with another vore video!! Sorry I haven't been uploading much, YouTube is getting stricter and I'm not gonna break any rules, so I post more on my ...

{Fiction} A Regretful Meal

Another fan asked me to turn a role-play into a RP. So here you go!) This woman simply was jealous because her friend had a very comfortable bed. She wanted ...

(ASMR + Face Reveal) Anime Woman Bloating Belly #1 - Burping, Swallowing & Digestion Sounds

LollipopASMR / Loliconica semi-face reveal. You can stop calling me a 40 year old man with a voice changer now. Disclaimer: I'm 22 y/o & the female vocals in ...

The 1000 Subscriber Special!

Story 1: This woman has recently nommed a few people and they have already been digested into soup! As her belly gurgles away the last bit of its massive ...

Minecraft Vore Animation : Digestion Giantness

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Belly digesting food

I had a midnight snack and decided to record the sounds my stomach made as it digested my food.

Vore! [Anime Edition] Ep2 LILY Versus Ayami's Stomach!

Lily tries desperately to survive Ayami's Stomach but, her stomach is too powerful!

Samus Digesting A Big Meal

What's in her belly? You decide. :)

Becoming part of me (vore)

I couldn't help my self Karin you looked so yummy and I was so hungry. Feeling you slide down my throat and then feeling this huge weight in my belly it was so ...

Stomach cam HD: A quick trip

Quick trip into my belly with gummy worms.

Sloshing Vore Belly

Made with audio from Belly Master. Enjoy! Belly Master's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc2LeWHgqbbpDdHfY3cSKPw EDIT: 5/22/2017 how did ...

Animated Stuffed Girl - Stomach Sounds

Tried to make one of those ambiance-stomach-sound sort of videos. Special thanks to jeschke for a lot of the sounds: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jeschke/

Stomach Digesting

Hello, youtube! This is my first belly recording, I hope you guys like it. I also like listening to belly recordings, so I thought I should do one myself! I drank a lot of ...

Stuffed Away (Short Vore Video)

(Disclaimer for story in the desc.) Ugh... I'm SO full... I wanna eat more, but this guy just filled me up so much. Idk if I can gulp down another meal~ ... I was taking ...

Vore belly Kik/Skype Bellylover2393

Digesting that girl that came over last night still, what a treat for me.

Belly Wiggle w/ sound by CakeInferno (Zoe vore animation)

Upload is for promotional purposes only. I did not create the content in this video. All credit goes to the original creator(s)*** Source . Upload is for promotional ...

My hungry stomach gurgling, growling, and craving food (vore)

My stomach was VERY hungry while i had to wait for food, so i recorded all it's hungry growls. i had to move the mic quite a bit, but i'd say the sound quality is ...