Knitting Help - Thrums / Thrumming

Thrums are a way to add warmth and bulk to a knitted item by knitting little bits of wool roving into the work. Next week, we'll release a thrummed mittens tutorial, ...

Quick Tip for Thrumming, From Knitting Daily TV Episode 811

Purchase Knitting Daily TV on DVD or download individual episodes online at On episode 811's Quick Tip segment, host Eunny Jang ...

Thrumming Tutorial

Thrumming is used in knitting to create a warm fleecy lining on one side. Perfect for cosy slippers or mittens. This is a quick tutorial to show you the basic ...

What is a thrum??

My new Mystery Create-A-Long, Netherlee, features an awesome technique called thrumming. What is it you ask? Check out this video for a bit more info....then ...

Knitting Tutorial - Thrummed Mittens

Adding thrums (bits of fluffy roving) to mittens makes them about the warmest thing you can wear on your hands. This pattern is sized for kids, women, and men; ...

Thrumming on the Knitting Machine by Carole Wurst

Carole Wurst of Rocking Horse Farm demonstrates thrummed socks on the knitting machine. Carole is available to teach at your Seminar or Workshop, contact ...

how to thrum

This is a super-easy way to knit thrums into your mitten or slipper project. It's my first thrum project and I'm not finding it hard at all! It's as simple as this: Drop your ...

How to finish off and polish the inside of collets

Use thrumming with office string loaded with polish and sandpaper strips to finish off the inside of collets and hard to reach areas when making jewelry as shown ...

Against the Odds: The Rippling (Games)

Last week, we had an all-artifact Against the Odds poll, and while Mirror Gallery put up a fight, the rippling artifact Thrumming Stone came out on top in the end.


Uitleg van de "thrumming" brei-techniek door Wilbert van Schouten Handwerken.

How to do Thrummed Mittens

Learn how to do thrummed mittens.

How to Pronounce thrumming - American English

Learn how to say/pronounce thrumming in American English. Subscribe for more videos!

How to Pronounce Thrumming

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!

How to make and insert thrums in your Trummed mittens

A tutorial on how to make your thrums and insert them in your knitting.

Interweave Crochet, Winter 2008: Thrummed Crochet Mittens

How to make a thrum and add it to Marlaina Bird's Thrummed Crochet Mittens. The for purchase pdf pattern includes crochet charts, links to youtube video ...

How To Pronounce Thrumming

Learn how to say Thrumming with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.

Quick Thrumming Lesson

Created on November 11, 2009 using FlipShare.

Thrumming movie

A short video clip about polishing the details on a custom-designed ring.

The Thrumming

From the same lowlife degenerates that brought you the Drunken Peasants, this is Highdeology! Surfing the crest of the moral zeitgeist, and totally hanging ten ...

Sock Machine Experiences: Thrumming on the Knitting Machine by Carole Wurst

Carole Wurst demonstrates thrumming on a Round Sock Knitting Machine (CSM). Adding thrum (fleece roving) to the inside of mittens, socks or hats can be ...

Tasty Combo Decks - Relentless Rats

Here's a fun deck that's easy to play 24x Swamp 24x Relentless Rats 4x Desperate Research 3x Thrumming Stone 3x Damnation or Mutilate 2x Dark Ritual.

Interweave Crochet Winter 08 Thrum Tutorial by Marlaina Bird

How to make a thrum and add it to Marlaina Bird's Thrummed Crochet Mittens. Originally presented by YarnThing and place on the Interweave Channel with ...