Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo as the sexy nurse

Isang sampal lang ng nurse na ito, siguradong gagaling ang kahit na anong sakit mo. Aired: May 20, 2016 Watch 'Bubble Gang' every Fridays on GMA.

TG animation @07 Become a nurse.3gp

Este vídeo foi enviado de um telefone Android.

Nurse Practitioner Head to Toe Assessment

Nurse practitioner complete head to toe assessment. It cuts out the last 5 minutes, so I will upload that video separately.

moms nurse.3GP

Wow this nurse at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital is amazing Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

dancing nurse.3GP

School can be tuff so when you know you pass your exam you can't help but get excited...

JoJoWrap- How To Nurse With JoJoWrap.3gp

Here is a quick look at how to nurse in the JoJoWrap.

little riyaan pawar first in nurses hand.3gp

Riyaan born on 15/07/2005 at 11:53am .first seen in nurses hand only 4 minutes old.

Nurse's Revenge.3gp

Next time before hitting on a Nurse, THINK TWICE.....:-)

Goyang Cesar versi Nurse.3GP

Goyang Cesar versi nurse.

nurse jane picture with friends.3gp

nurse jane pic2x sa hrd with the supervisor.

Nurse Elsie Samodal,rounds(1.1111).3gp

Feeling retired but not yet! As in the case of Elsie, she'd spent more than a decade at the Middle East as a Nurse, came home to retire and not to rest.

Nurse Calling System.3gp

This is the video for the Project "Nurse Calling System" In this project 2.4GHz RF Module is used and there are One Master Connected to PC and Slaves are ...


at the hospital where the students of perps are there :D.


it's a very fantastic day for us practical nursing students because we got the chance to meet our co-students...

Baby Goat Nursing Miniature Horse.3gp

Baby Goat looking for a meal finds a miniature horse to be agreeable. Sorry about the angle, couldn't get it to rotate on the phone.

kid nursing a kid.3gp

zyanya lindzei feeding the 2 month old kid...