Alumni Dance

Southern University Current & Alumni Dancing Dolls "Ready or Not" HOMECOMING (2016)

Homecoming 2016 This Game was filmed by Lashalln LaGarde & Marvin Price Video Editor: Marvin Price Be Sure to watch in HD!!!! Thank you for supporting Dr.

The HOMECOMING EDITION of The Southern University Dancing Doll Highlights Current/Alumni (2016)

A Doll Highlight video like you've never seen before. It has it all! Enjoy! Homecoming 2016 This Game was filmed by Lashalln LaGarde & Marvin Price Video ...

Brotherhood Alumni 1st Place Upper Division | World of Dance Vancouver 2014 #WODVAN

Dance Videos FIRST at the new https://WORLDOFDANCE.COM #worldofdance Like it! Share it! #WODLifestyle -- Make sure to pick up the latest World of Dance ...

Arlington High School Drill Team Alumni Dance

Please learn the choreography for the performance on October 26 (AHS VS North Crowley Football Game)

Dance Alumni Takeover

What happens when a cohort of alumni take over the curriculum for an academic department for one week?

Edison HS Honey Bear Alumni Dance Squad (2016) - The Edison Honey Bear Alumni Dance Team is comprised of 73 alums who attended Edison High School between 1985 to 2015. The group ...

Class X Dance Performance in SOS HGC Alumni Reunion 2016

An amazing dance performance by the existing students of Class X of SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka.

Full Dance Performance - Launch of SMU's Eluminix Alumni Group

Eluminix is the official Alumni Group of the Hip Hop dance club SMU Eurhythmix. Established in June 2013, Eluminix provides an avenue for SMU alumni to ...

"PRACTICE EDITION" Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls Alumni Highlights (2017)

Southern University Human Jukebox Alumni and Fabulous Dancing Dolls Alumni gear up for the Inaugural #JukeStormBOTB. Get tp know a few of the Alumni ...

UC Breakout 2017 - CCC Dance Troupe Alumni Dance Presentation

The CCC/Eclectic Jazz Ensemble alumni have once again gathered at the New Cebu Coliseum for an ecstatic dance presentation together with the current CCC ...

Alumni Teachers' Day Dance Performance 2017 TGPS

Dancing Dolls Season 3 Battle Royale (Alumni Dolls)

Dancing Dolls S3 Battle Royale! If anybody have a Facebook try to convince (Patrice Lacey) to post the full battle on YouTube or her Facebook!



TDHS Alumni Dance

Soooo I know there's been a lot of people begging me to post a video of me dancing and I was invited to be in my high school's alumni dance for their spring ...

McKinley High School Pantherettes Alumni Highlights | Homecoming 2018

McKinley High School Homecoming 10/5/2018 Please Watch in HD! #DrPriceTV | Social Media Accounts: @DrPrice_IsRight @DrPriceTV #Pantherettes ...

Juilliard Dance Alumni Open House: May 4, 2015

On May 4, 2015, Juilliard dance alumni returned to campus to observe and participate in classes as well as offer an early welcome to the alumni community to ...

Get Well Soon Alyssa 💖: Alumni Dancing Doll

Now in college, Alyssa is batting with Type 1 diabetes. Let's keep her in our prayers.

ka ka ka po | Stage Dance | Bhaghavan Rap | Alumni Performance | Kuruk Sastra 2016

Special performance by our alumni as a tribute to everyone who loves KS and Dance. Catch them doing what they love !

Dancing Dolls Alumni: Sunjai Performs @ Back To School Jam 2017

Sunjai does a special performance for her fans.